WorldCon – A World of Stories

LonCon3, WorldCon, call it what you will, there was only one word for it: Brilliant!

Thank you, LonCon, for giving us the space and facilities to do our readings, and special thanks to Eemeli Aro and Alison Scott for helping it all happen on the day.

LonCon3 - 1LonCon3 - 8LonCon3 - 2




We had a few firsts with these sessions, and I look forwards to them being repeated at other Pirate Readings at future events:

  • First non-fiction – David Stokes, and Petter Hoaland
  • First poetry – From Arthur Chappel, Christopher Graeme, and others.
  • First foreign-language reading – Umiyori Katsuyama, Winner of Japan Fantasy Award 2011
  • First multiple reading – Arthur Chappel, and Wendy Metcalfe.

LonCon3 - 6LonCon3 - 7LonCon3 - 9LonCon3 - 4






LonCon3 - 5It was great to be able to give space to all these people, and all the other readers below:

Martin OwtonLonCon3 - 15
Gaie Sebold
David Gullen
Arthur Chappel
Chuck Ian Gordon
LonCon3 - 3Elaine Gallagher
Darlene Marshall
Rosanne Rabinowitz
Brian MiltonLonCon3 - 16
Adrian Faulkner
Ruth Booth
Marion Pittman
Angela Cleland Smith
LonCon3 - 14Kevlin Henney
Petter Hoaland
Anthony Hilbert
Wendy Metcalfe
Umiyori KatsuyamaLonCon3 - 17
David Stokes
Christopher Graeme
Richard Stephenson
LonCon3 - 13Francis Knight
Helen Callaghan
James Mitchell
Mike Torr
…and others, to whom I must apologise for not noting down your names.

And special thanks to my loyal Pirate Crew! To Gaie Sebold for putting up posters and making announcements, Orlando San for taking photographs, Ruth Booth for spreading the word, Helen Callaghan for LonCon3 - 12hosting one event so I could go to the brilliant Arabian SF panel, and to Wendy Metcalfe, who agreed to host the Monday morning event when I discovered I had to leave the convention on Sunday evening.

Thank you, one and all, you were wonderful. Your stories were intriguing, scary, funny, and amazing. Each one was sheer entertainment.

The Pirate Readings will return next year, possibly even at Archipelacon in Finland. Watch this space!


The Pirate King

(aka David Gullen)



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  2. Pete
    Sep 12, 2014 @ 13:00:20

    You missed that Pete Sutton bloke off the list of readers … 😉


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