X Marks the Spot

And here be a treasure map, showing the location of the Bandstand.

Packed with goodies, it be, and the eagle-eyed among you can tell where the Bandstand is because it’s about half way up on the left, labelled ‘Bandstand’.



Loncon3 14th – 18th August 2014

So, we’re back, me hearties – and this time it’s unofficially official!

If you’re coming to WordCon (LonCon3) http://www.loncon3.org/
and would like to do a 5-10 minute reading – or just sit down, put your feet up and sip some grog while being read to, keep your eye open for flyers announcing the where and when.

Actually, we know where – the Bandstand area in the Fan Village.
We’re hoping to do one event every day, maybe more, depending on time, tide, and enthusiasms.

Spread the word!


World Fantasy 2013

World Fantasy has come and gone for another year, and so has the Pirate Fringe. What a blast!  The Popup Pirates/Pirate Fringe started as a conversation only four days before the convention began – by the end of the weekend we had run four amazing events:

– Two reading sessions for ten readers (David Gullen)

– A writing workshop (Sarah Ellender)

– LARP introduction and costuming (Luke Thomas, Emma King)

Thank you to everyone who came along to talk, sit and listen, or join in – we needed you all! Thanks also to the readers: Patrice Sarath, Francis Knight, Tom Pollock, Martin Owton, Gaie Sebold, David Gullen, Helen Callaghan, Ruth Booth, Mark H. Williams, and Marion Pittman.

Thanks also to the Granville Hotel for providing us a room for two hours on Friday, the Hilton for making space available on Saturday, and to the WFC Con team for running a lovely convention and being so welcoming and inclusive.

A special ‘Thank You’ tp Paul Cornell for his support during the convention.

All of this would have been impossible without my brilliant and hard-working shipmates: Ruth Booth, Luke Thomas, Sarah Ellender, and Emma King. Thanks guys, you are the Pirate Kings and Queens of Brighton!

Next time we plan a bigger fringe, more readings, more events. I promise to start planning sooner.


David Gullen

Venue Change for Saturday Readings

Arrr. The readings on Saturday (6 -7pm) will now be in the Viscount room in the con hotel. 

So revised schedule:


5 – 6pm Drop in writing games in the meeting room in the Granville hotel. (Next door to the con hotel, come out the door, turn right.)

6 – 7pm Readings in the meeting room in the Granville hotel.

Francis Knight, Paul Cornell, Patrice Sarath.


5 -6 pm Dressing up photo booth and LARP chat in the Viscount Room in the con hotel.

6 -7 pm, Readings in the Viscount Room in the con hotel. 

Gaie Sebold, Marion Pitman, Tom Pollock, Martin Owton.

Venue Change For Dressing Up

Ahoy! The Dressing Up session tomorrow at 5 will now be in the Viscount room in the con hotel. There will also be a chance to have an informal chat about how live action role playing can help you write.

Events Schedule

Yarrrr, here be the plan. All events will take place in the meeting room in the Granville Hotel, right next door to the con hotel. Just pop out the front door and turn right. It’s 2 minutes if that.

ETA Except the dressing up session, which will be combined with a chat about why live action role playing (LARPing) can help you write. Thiis will be held in the Viscount Room.

Friday 5 – 6pm

Drop in writing games

We’ll be running a drop in session of creative games, to help writers loosen up and generate ideas. Come for as many or as few games as you fancy. There will be a chance to share your work, but no pressure to do so if that’s not your thing. And as we’ll all be writing first drafts, there will be no critique, just unconditional praise and applause. All writers from beginners to experts welcome. Bring something to write on and with (spares available if you forget).

Friday 6 -7 pm

Readings from:
Francis Knight
Paul Cornell
Patrice Sarath

Saturday 5 – 6 pm

Dressing up photo booth. – please note this is in the Viscount Room.

We’ve got wigs, scarves, capes, hats, masks, and costume for ladies and gents. So if want a chance to come and play dressing up, pop in. We can take pics on your camera or we can use ours and email them to you,.

Saturday 6 – 7

Readings from:
Gaie Sebold
Marion Pitman
Tom Pollock
Martin Owton

If you do come along, say thanks to the nice folks at the Granville who have let us have the room for free. And if you fancy a tot of grog, you could visit their bar..

Don’t worry little brother, there’s more…

And another thing coming in to berth this weekend – the marvelous, magical, and fun-filled  world of LARP.

Have you ever wondered about Live Action Role Play (LARP) – what it is, where it happens, or just want to meet other LARPers?  Emma King, who runs the exceptional Huntley Wood site with her partner Jonathan Ely, will explain all.

Keep an eye out for our special sekrit posters, nailed up in clear view all around the hovel hotel.


The Pirate King

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